1. All Around Her

From the recording Music In Progress

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This song presented itself and I tackled it right away, as opposed to years for some of my music.

This is the first song where I recorded guitar and vocal at the same time. It was challenging, but I'm glad I didn't give into temptation of multi tracking this one-which I almost did.

I have made a new friend, violinist Chris Barbosa. I initially contacted him for strings on another song, Uncharted, which we have tracked also. All Around Her, was an add on, lets do it, tune up and do it gift.

I am honored and grateful for having such a beautiful, soulful musician accompany on my songs.

Chris Barbosa on violin
Look him up on Instagram @chrisbarbosamusic


She took five
she took five
times longer

She took five
five more steps
but they weren’t
any harder

She gave four
she gave four
two sons
two daughters

She gave four
times four
four times
oh how
he adored her

She had love
love for herself
love for those
all around her

All around her

She had three
she gave three
she said three words
every morning

Even after they
gave her two
she took the two
and lived them
like nothing had
ever caught her

For she had love
love for herself
love for life
all around her

She gave one
she gave one
she gave one
all in specific

One last glance
one last smile
one last breath
but it wasn’t over

For she had love
love for herself
love for those
all around her
and they had love
love for her
love was
all around her

All around her

She gave nothing
she said nothing
she did nothing
where one could
ever fault her