1. Chalkboard

From the recording Long Way to the North Pole

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Music & lyrics written by Gregory James Milo
Berrtus Maximus-bass
David Demeuse-drums


Somewhere I read
that we could live forever
But ask yourself
would you really want to watch
another sun burning out?
have you even played with the moments
that you've been given?
to be yourself
if not then
lose forever?

Oh, looking back at the chalkboard
we never really figure it out
even when done in pretty colors
it always gets erased somehow

Believers beware
the so-called signs always out there
and hence prepared
another world end
is surely well on it's way
did you really think it would
come down to that easy?
believers aware
of nothing of the moment

Why in such a hurry

So lovers take care
of all of those still around you
so that they of you when
untethered winds begin their howling