1. Burner

From the recording Long Way to the North Pole

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Music & lyrics written by Gregory James Milo
Berrtus Maximus-bass
David Demeuse-drums
Julianne Macarus-violin


Not really sure
it isn't safe to say
anything is possible
and I don't remember

Only take a minute
not eternity
anything is possible
and that I must remember

If I don't go back
I may never get to
to all that's possible
It's not hard to understand

No second hesitations
there never was a first
I would love to believe now
but only I can tell if ...
I left the burner on
ooh ooh
Left the burner on

It's getting late
You should probably go
What will he think?
There is no telling telling

The only promise
you seem to break
to have and to hold
too soon to be realized

So grab your purse
with lips reapplied
make no mistake
he will, will he be waiting ?

A little faster now
don't miss your turn
for this may be the night you find
he left the burner on
left the burner on

We've come this far
still a ways to go
a million miles
there is no turning back

If when we land
and stake our claim
will we do as before?
selfish senario

The bell rings
and then again
but no ones there
not since long ago

How could we tell them?
In words they'd perceive
That we should've known better
but we left the burner on
left the burner on