1. Yet

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Music & lyrics written by Gregory James Milo
Berrtus Maximus-bass
David Demeuse-drums


I’m no seer of the future
though gut instincts have served me well

She only confesses to yesterday
Tomorrow is something new I dread

Well I’m always here
I just can’t show it
I’m so exposed and
you just don’t know it


My mirror gives a good reflection
My reflection is so clear
That’s because I keep it very clean
It don’t say nothing it don’t tell nothin’ of me

No runnin’ into walls for me
No trials no hurry to be
Haulin’ a weight I don’t need
Haulin’ a wieght

Are you happy?
Are you certain?
Are you sure?
Do you reason your reasons?
Are you leaving already?
On your way
Do you reason your reasons

Caught mid-week with Sunday lighting
Fell like I should be in bed
I could never confess to yesterday
Not till at least a month is dead