1. The Stowaways

From the recording Strings Attached

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Words and Music by Gregory James Milo
Played on a Seagull Merlin-a dulcimer inspired instrument.
Recorded in Wisconsin in our second home. I loved some of the acoustics I got out of that old house.
Short, clean and sweet.


The time we have it has to be
Not taken for so grantedly
If I said that wrong
You can say it right

The moments that we get to breathe
Shouldn't be wondered about to seriously
And If they don't agree
Well they can just hold their own breath

I want to stowaway with you
with you

We'll make popular to contrary belief
The stories of ever happily
Rewrite the song
So all can sing along

I want to be a stowaway with you
We don't own anything or owe anyone

The colors that you choose to see
May not be as dark as me
You still see through the night
Even if my brights aren't on

The beauty of asymmetry
I'm not you and you're not me
Though we're still one
I think I got that right

I want to stowaway with you