1. Ransom

From the recording Long Way to the North Pole

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Music & lyrics written by Gregory James Milo
Steve Davidson-drums

Recorded where what is still an unused gravel lot. Thanks to small town politics, greed and personal interest.


I have something to tell you though I
don't know if I'm breathing in time
'cause the distance has you rollin' past my eyes
and I'm sleepin' on your pillow every night

Please don't worry
these feelings I display
like skinned knees they always
they’ll heal eventually
and thoughts that precede me
I'll snare along the way
I'll cold press the reasons
before the ransoms made
before the ransoms saved
before the ransoms paid

I have something I'd really love to show you
so I'll do very best and just describe
as I thoughtfully miss the details of your eyes when
I'm staring in a mirror compromised

How I wish that at this moment I could hold you
these empty arms elicit a sigh that dwells
till the meeting and the focus of our eyes
‘cause feeling is believing un denied