1. Released

From the recording Long Way to the North Pole

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Music & lyrics written by Gregory James Milo
Mitch Banach-bass
Sean Truskowski-drums

Oldest song on the CD. Dedicated to my friend Andy Duesing.


Tuck me in
now I go
Once last glance
on one you've known

In my absence
a light will shine
We'll speak again
a different time

Proclaim me
released soul
I am neither above
nor below
Take comfort
in where I go
I am within you
cry no more

Temporary spaces
that must befall
Though only a lifetime
feels longer
Realized, but still
carried within
What is hard to give
so easily taken

There was one thing
you'd wished to say
And now you feel that chance
has worn away
Rest assured for
whatever it is
I already know
and forgive