Greg Milo Music

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BurgerFi, 714 S Howard St, Tampa, FL 33606

New gig for what looks to be an awesome burger yum yum. All-natural burgers using only the Top 1% of natural Angus beef, always sourced from the best ranches in the country and free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

Petty Party/Greg Milo Music

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Pesky Pelican, 923 72nd Street N., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710

Come support the Pesky Pelican fundraiser to pay off the music mafia for another year. A full day great local musicians bringing you awesome music. The Pesky Pelican turns 3!!! Come celebrate with us. Live music all day with each act playing at least 1 Tom Petty song, food specials, vendors, face painting and much more..

MNM BBQ Feature Artist Dec. 5, 2018

I am the feature artist for open mic Dec. 5, 2018. I'll be performing original music and will be accompanied by host, Sunset Charlie Morris, on a few songs. Bring along your guitar and sign up to play the open…

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Gulfport is my new playground!

Went to open mic at El Chapo Tacos and they enjoyed what I did. I was offered a gig and was invited to come back. Also, Vintage Wine Lounge in Gulfport gave me an opportunity to shine and I did…

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Short trip to Wisconsin in June

I'll be headed to Wisconsin to see family and friends in Burlington. I also was fortunate to fill an open space for a gig at The Coffee House on Chestnut & Pine.

I used to frequent open mic hosted…

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Winter Open Mic Festival

Thank you to Charles Melin for initiating and all those that helped. I am honored to have been chosen. 

Walk your path. Smell the flowers. Pick a bouquet and share with the world.

New song

Wrinkled Hands. Recorded this month. Gonna attempt doing at least one a month and if I keep it up, I'll have all my originals done in about 5 years. That's not including the ones I'll write in between.

Back at it-been a while

Getting back to what I love. Landed a new gig at Whistle Stop in Safety Harbor, Fl. after I played 3 originals at open mic. The day before, I played at Nauti Nancy's in Clear Water, Fl. and the owner…

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Returning Forward forward

The latest lineup for Returning Forward played publicly for the first time at Cage Brewing open mic hosted by Barry Ertel. There was a warm response to the new original music and it felt great to be playing after a…Read more

Apologies for SawGrass Tiki in St. Pete

I'm sorry if anyone ventured out to see me at Sawgrass Tiki Monday night, July 18. With a car full of gear and excited to play, I found out I was not scheduled due to some reason unbeknownst to me.

Music uploaded

Finally got some music uploaded. The album Long Way to the North Pole and four singles are ready for download. Click the info button for musician credits, lyrics and some notes.

Some songs are free. Just an email is required…Read more

Nolan's Pub in Safety Harbor, Fl Featured Artist

I will be the featured artist this Thursday, Feb. 11, for the open mic. Music starts at 7:30 and I will be going on about 8 for a 45 minute set of original songs. Many talented musicians to hear.

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